Replacement CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

The University has been allocated a limited number of CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Cards which accompany the supplied vaccines. As such, the University provides replacement CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Cards on a limited basis.

  • An individual may get a replacement vaccination card from their provider if they are enrolled in Florida SHOTS.
  • Any County Health Department may issue an individual a duplicate vaccination card.
  • If you received both doses of your COVID-19 vaccination series from Florida State University on or after April 5th, 2021 please visit and log in. To view your Electronic Health Record, which constitutes proof of vaccination documentation, click View My Vaccinations after you log in. If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact CDR Maguire at (844) 770-8548 or
  • If you received your COVID-19 vaccination series in Florida and live out of state you may be able to request Florida SHOTS documentation from your Florida based health care provider.
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